Programme For Prevention Of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse At Workplace (WPP) It is recognized that the primary responsibility in this regard rests with the management and trade unions. In order to encourage these activities, financial assistance up to 25% of the expenditure for the setting up of a 15-Bedded or 30-Bedded IRCA shall be provided to the industry/enterprise. The balance of the expenditure according to the norms shall be borne by the industry/enterprise. Such centers will be located in an industrial establishment or a group of industrial establishments having the strength of at least 500 workers or more in a particular area will be eligible for assistance. No rent will be sanctioned as an industrial establishment concerned is expected to provide accommodation free of charge for the functioning of the IRCA for industrial workers. Besides, IRCAs (15 bedded) run by a Non- governmental organization taking up workplace prevention programme will be entitled to 25 percent additional funds, admissible for the Centre to set up a focal unit, for awareness, preventive education and referral services within an industry/enterprise which may include recruiting additional staff, such as Counsellor(s), Community Worker(s), part-time Medical Officer; production of educational material; meeting of contingent expenditure etc. The enterprise taken under the programme should have at least total workforce of 500 per unit.

The proposal of such grant should come from the industrial enterprise in case of and from the NGO (along with the consent of industrial enterprises) in case of

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