NGO Forum For Drug Abuse Prevention The main functions of NGO forum will be to bring about an effective coordination among voluntary organizations engaged in this field to establish linkages among the programmes being offered by them, and to ensure convergence of services in the area of their operation. All the organizations being supported under this Scheme should be represented on the Forum, with one of their representatives being nominated as the Chairperson on a rotating basis. The office of the Forum may be located in the organization being represented by the Chairperson. All State/Regional Forums will be affiliated to the National Federation. The National Federation shall be entitled to financial support, in the name of the organizations being represented by the Chairperson for admissible items under the Scheme as a collective initiative relating to the objecting of the Scheme especially for their annual programme and on national occasions such as Gandhi Jayanti, International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking etc. For this purpose, the suitability/desirability of the programmes shall be decided by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. It will be imperative on the part of the NGO Forum to submit their annual report, list of members and audited accounts to the Ministry every year.

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